GROWTH is a pioneering Erasmus+ project designed to invigorate and empower European youth through positive entrepreneurial initiatives. GROWTH uses the transformative power of training curricula and innovative e-learning methodologies to equip young individuals, including those from economically challenged backgrounds, with the essential tools and skills needed for successful entrepreneurship.

This project is not just about business education; it’s a holistic approach to nurturing the self-concepts, positive emotions, resilience, and thriving of Europe’s youth. GROWTH aims to light a path to entrepreneurship that is accessible, sustainable, and enriched with mentorship and community support. By integrating cutting-edge training courses and game-based learning tools, the project seeks to make the journey into entrepreneurship as engaging and effective as possible.

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Our Partners

Pro.M.E.T.EU.S. promotes environmental sustainability, democratic participation, and artistic and entrepreneurial talent while upholding equality, human rights, and democracy. Also promotes cultural understanding and integration through youth exchanges, mentoring, and initiatives. They focus on educational quality and innovation in Erasmus+ projects.
Balkan Bridge
Balkan Bridge provides consultancy, skill development, and corporate empowerment training to create a sustainable ecosystem. Also promotes social inclusion, educational excellence, and innovative training and IT tools. They promote European values and regional cooperation to individuals, SMEs, industries, and schools.
Innovation Bee
Innovation Bee provides cutting-edge IT research and integrated solutions. Their goal is to design web and mobile apps to help businesses navigate the digital age. They specialise in blockchain technology, artificial intelligence, digital transformation, and other innovative solutions.
Connect Your City - Brussels
Connect Brussels promotes democracy, European identity, diversity, social pluralism, and solidarity through interactional events and workshops help vulnerable social groups develop skills and promote gender equality and social inclusion.
Eurospeak Limited
Eurospeak supports disadvantaged groups through Erasmus+ inclusive projects. They use a diverse team of experts to create quality educational materials and provide EU funding and multilingual translation.
Innovation Hive
Innovation Hive promotes open innovation across fields. Their main goal is to develop new methods and engage youth to bridge the gap between society and youth. They provide youth training, consultancy, and policy research.
Education and Social Innovation Centre of Austria
ESICA promotes social innovation, inclusion, and equality. ESICA conducts social, cultural, educational, and environmental research and project development. They promote non-formal social innovation and entrepreneurship education for underprivileged groups.